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Welcome to publish my thesis. A thesis and dissertation reference website and knowledge base.
Hello, my name is Kenneth Boostrom and I have written a thesis. Once I had a subject to write my report about - the next phase of the project getting the outline of requirements did not seem to clear. And as I searched for examples of a great thesis, I found it was nearly impossible to get them from the university's library. This lead to Publish My Thesis, but to be honest, only a few people have submitted a thesis yet. The whole reason for this site was to share the knowledge of buried works of intelligence and reports on millions of subjects. Here's your chance - send us your thesis for publishing.

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Authors earn royalties from depending on whether the thesis is sold as a PDF document or upon the amount of clicks for paid advertising generated. We literally create a 100 page website with your thesis or dissertation. We incorporate a matrix of search engine optimization delivering top placement for your document. You pay nothing - but you will be paid for as long as your thesis is on "Publish My Thesis." More....

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Nearly all thesis and dissertations share discovery about specialized markets, processes, engineering, ecological, medical, history, and culture. The first of many steps to becoming an expert in most fields is to write and be published. Publish My Thesis will publish your work to thousands of interested people for Free. More....

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Most theses and dissertations rarely leave the University Library. Also, a large number of theses and dissertations never receive an ISBN number needed by commercial distributors. Consequently, your thesis and hundreds of thousands of great works are not generally accessible to anyone. Publish My Thesis is an important step to "sharing knowledge." More....

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You, the author, control all distribution and copyrights. This means you can publish your work with another publisher at any time and for any reason. If you ever want to remove your report, simply provide Publish My Thesis with 30 days notice and we will remove your report. Or continue to publish or sell your thesis or dissertation. You are always the owner. More....

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Using our publishing technique - every page of your thesis or dissertation is searched. Each page has relevance. The footnotes, books, publishers and dates are extremely important. The work you did to summarize and condense information is a key stepping stone to the next breakthrough in research. No re-writes are required - it is more important to have your work searched and used by the next generation of graduates. And why not get a return on your investment? Even if your thesis or dissertation is electronically filled, it won't have the proper search engine criteria and most likely not found.

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